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As a digital designer and web developer I'm pretty much all over the place with always one central goal in mind: delivering the best visual presentation and interactive experience.

ongoing projects

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Currently we are developing the new and custom eCommerce solution for SATOPIA TRAVEL, ready to launch soon.

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While becoming to an end within the the design phase we plan a relaunch and release of the new website of the Berufsförderungswerk Berlin Brandenburg e.V. within Q1 2024!

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Two relaunches at once, how exciting! Also still ongoing, we plan to release the re-designed and modernised webshop of nanito by the beginning of this year.

previous projects

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TIQ Solutions

TIQ Solutions trusted me with designing and implementing the relaunch of their new website. We used an agile development process where design and implementation went hand in hand.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Animation Concept
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
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PER Agency Website

Implementation of the previously designed concept as custom Wordpress theme from scratch.

  • Animation Concept
  • Implementation
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Editorial platform to help advertising Alpian as a company and their services.

Implementation of the previously designed concept as custom Wordpress theme from scratch.

  • Animation Concept
  • Implementation
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2020 - Zukunft ist jetzt

Website for a photography project and excibition. Features a custom, encrypted image rendering functionality with AES and bitswapping to ensure the image files can't direcly get fetched from the server itself.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Encrypted Image Rendering
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Hansen & Heinrich

Independent wealth management based in Germany.

Implementation of the new corporate identity as custom Wordpress theme from scratch.

  • Animation Concept
  • Implementation
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Online marketing agency based in Berlin Germany. Their websites were created from scratch as a custom Wordpress theme to achive the optimal performance while reducing 3rd party dependencies to a minimum.

  • Animation Concept
  • Implementation

and there is more...

Together with additonal freelancers within my network, we created their new web presentation in 2019 together with motion picture and photography.

Ulrich Weichert was in the need of a simple, streamlined Website where pictures, blogp osts and projects could easily be managed and presented without friction on any device.

Modernisation of their web frontend while cleaning up about 70% of unnacessary CSS and JavaScript dependencies to bump up their pagespeed by at least 50%.

markdown watcher

PHP Application

PHP application that lets you display formatted markdown (incl. images and assets) as a normal web page. It also lets you view formatted code snippets. Just dump everything you want to share into the files folder. Perfect for sharing notes and code.
Logo Ulrich Weichert


JavaScript Application

supergfxctl frontend in form of a GNOME Shell extension that integrates seemlessly into the desktop environment while also presenting the most relevent information at a glance.
Logo Ulrich Weichert

Amazon S3 Bucket uploader

Browser Extension

I created this extension for Martin Zellerhof's project “Divergierende Realitäten”. It collects images of all kind (files, canvas, inline b64), while respecting dynamic web applications and uploads them directly to a specified Amazon S3 bucket.
Screenshot Amazon S3 Bucket uploader

Appreciate Ground

CD Cover, Booklet and Layout

Visualisation Appreciate Ground - CD Cover, Booklet and Layout